Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dearest Diary

Forgive me for not staying current with my latest projects and interests but it has been a very busy past few weeks. I would like to say that I have been prolifc in my production, but that is not entirely true, although I have managed to complete a few projects of long standing. And I have started two new pair of socks and have already bought yarn for the next pair. I made one pair of socks out of Lion Brand's Microspun and it is by far, the best feeling sock yarn, for the money. My wish is that all sock knitters would give it a try because I fear that Lion Brand will discontinue it as they sometimes have been known to do. Please go to the site, please buy it in abundance, and then tell me what you think of it.

But let me review the Lace Wrap with you. A few of us have done a KAL and while most used a wool or wool blend or acrylic, I chose to use Berrocco's Touche which is 50% cotton and 50% rayon. The drape is delicious. I plan to use it again. You can try it out for yourself.

I have photographs of the completed wrap and as you can see the undulating waves in it are mesmerizing and I loved this color. Did I mention that I plan on knitting with this yarn again? The photos are before blocking which is next on my appointed list of items to accomplish. I believe it will be an easy block...perhaps just with a light steam and pinning the ends to bring out the laciness.

What do you think about the look of the wrap? I still think it would benefit from a few inches added to the width. I actually wore it at work one day and found it difficult to keep around my shoulders like I wear most shawls--I had to keep putting it around my neck like a scarf rather than my shoulders. But that was just that day. I'll continue to wear it after the blocking and see if I still think it needs to be wider.

That's it for today my lambs, I'll post another finished project in a few days. That's a wrap (couldn't resist).