Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dilemmas Abound

Dilemmas abound at present--so many, actually too, too many UFOs and not just knitting, but I digress. Rather than focus on recent woes, I'll share some photos of recent completed projects. I had my friend CJ help me block my Hemlock Ring. I shamelessly knit it in the same color Jared Flood used. Can I help it if chocolate is the best color to use on my king size bed?

The other big project I am just about to complete is the Mirror Image reversible blanket that was knit for the den.

These were fairly large projects, the Hemlock Ring went pretty fast only because I was so excited to see what it would look like. I had never knit any large item in the round, only small facecloths. I think it was immense fun but there was a snafu with the cable breaking under the weight of the yarn. But it gave way on a "good" row.

The reversible blanket involved a lot of knitting and purling, so it defintely has taken longer, but very pretty and worth the energy.

But I did feel a bit cramped with the two large projects and that still did not keep me from taking on new projects which is why I have the dilemma of too many things going at present. I gravitate to small projects, and I have knit facecloths during these big projects but also have a lace shawl going.

I have to stop now or I will start thinking of all the other things I have going in my head pr on my project table--needlefelting, braiding, etc. I'm sure that I'm not alone in having a "stash" of projects, not just yarn. I must remain calm, and carry on.