Saturday, November 21, 2015

Holiday Knitting

I started thinking that I was the only one with too many projects for the holidays. But, I realized I was just getting overwhelmed and I'm sure there are more knitters out there with many more gifts being knit than me.

Here's my main problem: I decided in early November that I would knit my 84 year old cousin a queen-size afghan for her bed.  OK. I thought it would go pretty quick using doubled chunky yarn on big needles (size 11--that's about the largest I will ever go).  I ordered four BIG skeins, but realized very quickly that was not going to be enough. So I ordered more (and luckily it was in stock) and kept knitting.  In the meantime, I have had a major charity project going on with a  group in my community, so I have been cranking out washcloths, scarves, hats, etc. My LYS has an upcoming holiday party for which we do a washcloth exchange.  I could not decide on a pattern, so have been experimenting with different cotton yarn and different patterns.

Here's the hard part. That darn afghan has gotten so heavy that my arms, wrist, shoulders are aching! I can barely knit anything else....what am I to do?

My cousin may have to wait for her birthday in January for her gift, that is, if I can pace myself with all the other things I have to knit between now and then.

Wish me luck.  I need it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I have had problems searching for my items in my online shop so I am just posting this to see if I get anyone to view, and possibly, purchase this item from me personally.  Even if you don't want to purchase these, but did see them on a search you performed, I would so appreciate you sending me a message or post here on my blog.

This is a fabulous set of Czech Glass Buttons that is very unique. These are handmade in the Czech Republic where they are known for their craftsmanship in making these buttons.

They could be the very thing you need for that new knit sweater or a recycled item found at the thrift store. These buttons will turn heads. They are 18mm in size and the lustre is extraordinary. One set of five buttons is $15.00 which includes shipping.  If you want more than five, I have one full extra set.

These are a steal at this price.  Worth so much more!  Thanks so much for looking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sweet Retirement!

September 1, 2014 was my first official day of retirement and how sweet it is.

Here's my plan: I am going to spin, knit and weave a little every day instead of trying to fit it in a very busy day filled with minimally 8 hours of work and an hour and a half to two hours commuting.

So wish me luck, and here is some spinning eye candy for your enjoyment.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I recently bought a Schacht Zoom Loom. It is a little 4" X 4" pin loom and I have been making little squares on it.  There are groups on Ravelry devoted to the little pin looms and there are patterns offered by Schacht and by Eloomanation.  There is something really intriguing about them. Whenever I have posted my squares I always get lots of remarks from individuals who just love them. Not too sure what I'm going to do with mine yet, I will let them tell me. So far I have only made squares with sock yarn. If you are so inclined, the little looms are not hard to make.  Give it a whirl.

For patterns take a look here or here

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Obsession

I bought a beautiful Julia spinning wheel over a year ago and I have spun one whole spindle and now it just sits there. A few of my friends are drop spindle spinners and I got hooked after watching them. I went to a fiber retreat a couple of weeks ago and dyed some Polwarth with Kool-Aid.

Here are pics of my spinning this fiber.

I think it is fairly respectable thick and thin yarn by a beginner.

There is something exquisite about spinning on a drop spindle.

And for those of you who have dyed yarn with Kool-Aid and don't like the smell, I discovered how to remove that odor. Simply soak your fiber for a couple of days in plain tap water and visit it occasionally. You will notice little bubbles--simply use your fingers to break up the bubbles which have a kind of cornstarch texture. After a couple of days, simply remove from the water, squeeze and hang to dry. No more smell!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My First Fair Isle

I have never knit any Fair Isle, only admired from afar. But recently, I found a pattern that is in a worsted weight and I thought that would be a better experience than starting out with fine needles and finer weight yarns. I am pretty happy with it. I did tack down some of the strands but some could not be because on the purl side you were asked to knit.

The pics are not true to the color...the small close-up shows the real color. I don't know why my camera would not capture the true shades. I don't normally have this problem with today being the exception. I did try to touch them up so they would appear like the true object. In short, the pink is a fairly dark shade, but bright and the green is almost lime in color.

The buttons are from my collection of buttons which has grown by leaps and bounds. I might have more buttons now than yarn.

Some little girl will wear it and look great!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loose Ends

I am posting a picture of some of my favorite yarn, Malabrigo Silk & Merino. You will find it in my Etsy shop should you be interested, but that's not really what I am writing about today. No, today is different. It was a day of frustration that has grown to be the usual thing rather than an oddity along the way. I'm sure that many of you will identify with this.

I logged on to the USPS site today to confirm a shipment of yarn to an Etsy customer and lo! the site was having "difficulty." I am to try again later. I recently made a change at my bank that is rather important, and I've been waiting for acknowledgement...still don't have it. Also, there is a legal matter pending (interpret as hanging over my head) that was mishandled due to incompetence or someone having a bad day--I'd like to think the latter, but lately it appears that everyone, everything ends up with some kind of misery attached to it. I have to make phone calls every day trying to straighten out the most simple things that have gotten all twisted and snarly because someone hasn't done what they said they were going to do or someone didn't do something correctly and the result is that I am the one who has to clean up their mess.

Another scary thing that happened was an alarming discovery that my pharmacy put an address on my prescriptions that does nto belong to me. I found this out late last night when I reached for some medication and there in extra small letters under my name was an address that was not mine. This sent me looking at the other bottles (just a few) along with the Flonase (life saver) that I take. Yes, that's right, all of them had this other address. I called the pharmacy and asked: how did this happen? The pharmacist replied we did a "central search." My reply: but I transferred them online from another pharmacy and I provided my address which is not the one on my medicine. Dead silence. I ask again "how did this happen?" Response: We did a "central search." Dead end.

This would not, normally, concern me outside of the moment, however, I just had a friend of mine who was given, by her pharmacy, a sleeping narcotic instead of her thyroid medication. So she was taking this narcotic when she arose in the morning and waiting for a half-hour before she ate because this is the way thyroid medication is taken. The second day had her completely unstrung, blurry vision, vertigo...I need not go on, but it was not pretty. She was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and found out from her physician that this was a very, very bad combination. Don't fault her, she thought they had changed to a generic medication that she had discussed with the doctor who prescribes the thyroid medication. Only upon close examination of the label did she see that the name was similar to hers, however, the bag was correct. So one cannot place the blame on her. All of this turmoil was created because someone was not paying attention to what they were doing. We all have bad days, but when you serve the public in such an important capacity, it is important to remember one's responsibility.

My small trials can't compare with this and yet the number of small things mount up and they end in this rant. My apologies. Look at the yarn, and if you would like, visit my shop, Prisknits, on Etsy. We will hope for a better day tomorrow.