Sunday, August 16, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

I've once again been busy with my loom. My most recent finished project is a shawl that I call my Purple Rose Shawl. It has rayon on the warp and the finest merino on the weft. The colors produced by this combination range from Blue to Rose and everything in between-mostly purple which of course, is my favorite color. It's also exquistely long. Every time I wear it, people stop to admire it. Oh My! Isn't that lovely. I think so.

My next project is going to be a bag with sherbert colored cotton, but it may take me awhile to get there as I promised myself to finish some of my projects before beginning new ones. Presently on the needles is a marketing bag for buying produce at the Farmer's Market. It's a big lacey string bag knit with cotton. It is hardly bearable to knit with wool these days as temperatures have been so incredibly hot! However, I did finish my landscape wall hanging which was knit with yarn spun just for me my Moonrover on etsy--check out her shop--she knows how to spin!

I am putting the finishing touches on the landscape right now and this was before it was felted, so stay tuned to see the finished project.

If all the finishing of projects and planning new ones were not enough, I have just ordered myself a spinning wheel. I can't wait to take up my new "habit." And I can't wait to spin with new and old friends at Yarnorama.