Monday, December 28, 2009

A Knitting Accident

As luck would have it, or rather, the lack of luck, I was knitting on my Hemlock Ring today (the last section, actually) and the 60" cable on my Harmony needles broke. I was on the knitted row just above the lace row, so you guessed it--I will have to tink back over 500 stitches once I can get another cable from KnitPicks. I normally don't have a problem with their needles and cables other than a little crimp in the cable join every now and then, but today was a whole different story. I understand that I am knitting with chunky yarn, and having to move it in a circular fashion just to keep it even and knittable, but I was still disappointed. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had problems with Knitpicks cables?

I plan to call them tomorrow, but despite the fact that I never used this 60" cable, it is over a year old which is their guaranteed allowance on time. What's a body to do? Suggestions--anyone? Would I be happier with Addi Clicks?

An Invitation to a New Year

We are all at the same place--the end of an old year, the beginning of a new one. It's not like it hasn't happened before. Sure, we say we have new resolutions, that we intend to follow through in the new year on our plans, but in the past they may not have come to fruition. I am proposing something a bit different. Just try changing one or two small things rather than having a mile-long list with goals that are almost insurmountable. For me, I plan on trying to blog a bit more than the every 3-6 months. I plan to record my projects, whether they have photos or not, because sometimes, it's not the project that is important, but the lesson learned that is the most interesting.

Having said that, I will show you what I have been working on and my environment (which is very pleasant to me). I think it's important to have an area set aside for your fiber artistry. This way, you know that it is something special and not just another room with a table. Place inspirational photos or print quotes in large fonts so that you will always have something egging you on.

Take a look at my studio or at least part of it.

I like to save tidbits of yarn that I have tried, or some that I want to use again and this little vintage Coca-Cola case in just perfect. I actually look at it and am inspired sometimes. It doesn't even have my main color choices, but it works for me.

This year I will try to show more of my projects, no matter how simple some of them may be and I will relish in sharing my unique projects that are first time trials and designs of my own. My year is so full already and I am brimming with ideas, some I've had for quite awhile and some are rather new.

I started on Jared Flood's, OK, BrooklynTweed's, Hemlock Ring and I am knitting it in a color not too different than the color chosen by Jared--a deep chocolate which happens to go rather nicely with my King Size bed coverlet in a rather light coffee color. So far, it's been real fun knitting the Ring. I was intimidated at first, but once you read through the pattern and get the errata off the site noted in the above link, you're in business! Simply stated, the center of the round blanket is a vintage doily pattern and Jared added feather and fan in the round to create such an exquisite, and classic design quick to knit with chunky yarn. Or for those of you who like to be different, you can always knit it in laceweight for a beautiful dresser scarf or centerpiece for your dining room table.

Mine looked like this only a few days ago

Having almost finished the Ring, I am inspired to knit yet another piece in the round--feel free to give me suggestions for patterns.

Stay tuned for more of my projects, the latest of which is a nice little hat knit with one of my favorite colors, purple , but with a strand of mohair died with the rich colors of green, purple and lavender.

And just for fun, I'm cooking tomorrow. It will be a nice round casserole dish of au gratin potatoes. Prepared quite simply by cutting however many potatoes you want *very* thin and place in layers with Cream of Mushroom soup, onions cut in the style of onion rings and lots of cheese, the latter the preference of my other half. Place it in the oven on aout 350 degrees for a couple of hours or until it is one. It will melt in your mouth--promise. So easy! If you try it and like it, please let me know.