Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Unity of Knitting and Reading in One Project

My latest project is almost complete. It will be so yummy to wear in the fall and winter. It's made from Malabrigo and the color is burgundy. As you may know Malabrigo is kettle-dyed and so color pooling is not consistent amongt the skeins. But it is all beautiful and so luscious against the skin!

Here's a picture of the inspiration and what it will look like when finished (except for the color, of course). You can get the pattern here at

Lisa Knits

The pattern appealed to my inner reader. My problem with reading is very much like my problem with knitting, so many projects, so many books! I've started three books recently: Clapton, Garrison Keillor's Pontoon, and My Boyfriend's Back. My knitting projects are the Reader's Wrap as seen above, two pairs of socks and a scarf which I will share with you next time. I'm also listening to Pillars of the Earth on an audiobook downloaded onto my Ipod about three months ago. I fear that I will not get back to Pillars anytime soon and will most likely have to start over. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of books and knitting projects and am guessing that I am not alone. At one time, it was worse. I would start so many projects and get so overwhelmed that I didn't always finish them. Bit older and wiser now, I finish most things that I start. And I have managed this by keeping the number of projects at three or below. Anyone else have a plan of attack for maintaining sanity amongst the lure of so many wonderful projects shared on the internet and at your LYS?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tying Up Loose Ends

Today finds us tying up loose ends, literally. I have been busy weaving in ends and working mattress stitch, backstitching, and sewing on buttons on the latest pillow design. I call it my handsome pillow simply because it looks masculine. I planned it that way, but I also had Xmas in mind. Thus, the green and the red, but hardly the brightness of most things considered Xmas.

You can see that it really is a fairly simple design. Mostly stockinette done in even rows so I could carry the yarn up the side and avoid having too many ends to weave in. The back side is all done in the dominant color of the front, a nice chocolate brown.

There is ribbing on the top, or the side, whichever way you might prefer. The buttons are from Adorknit. You can find them at Yarnorama, one of my favorite LYS.

My sweet kitty, Louie already likes the pillow--he took to it right away. He has good taste, I believe.