Sunday, June 24, 2012

A New Obsession

I bought a beautiful Julia spinning wheel over a year ago and I have spun one whole spindle and now it just sits there. A few of my friends are drop spindle spinners and I got hooked after watching them. I went to a fiber retreat a couple of weeks ago and dyed some Polwarth with Kool-Aid.

Here are pics of my spinning this fiber.

I think it is fairly respectable thick and thin yarn by a beginner.

There is something exquisite about spinning on a drop spindle.

And for those of you who have dyed yarn with Kool-Aid and don't like the smell, I discovered how to remove that odor. Simply soak your fiber for a couple of days in plain tap water and visit it occasionally. You will notice little bubbles--simply use your fingers to break up the bubbles which have a kind of cornstarch texture. After a couple of days, simply remove from the water, squeeze and hang to dry. No more smell!