Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today finds us tying up loose ends, literally. The loose ends to my latest pillow design, that is. This is a very simple design of stripes in stockinette with ribbed edging. For visual contrast and accent, I found these beautiful handmade buttons of green and appropriate for a pillow with red and green striping! I have only woven in the very few ends there were, and I say few because I carried the color up the side rather than adding on each color as I came to each stripe. That saved so much work, and I'm all about simplicity. Nice clean lines. This pillow reflects my personality, I think. Steady with a bit of spice for interest. Now I just need to sew the panels together and soon my lovelies, you will see the end result.

It's kind of sad and wonderful at the same time, "bittersweet" I suppose is the best word, to describe that feeling when you have just about completed a project. Me thinks the real fun is choosing and starting and knitting the actual project and although I do love the sense of accomplishment when it's done....I hate to see some of my projects end.

When I can come to terms with the end of this project, I will post photos. I think I must go sit and ponder this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer-time and the living is not so easy

Today finds me a bit on the lazy-side. I'm not sure if it is genuine fatigue brought on by seasonal allergies or if it's just general malaise. Summer time and heat are not favorites of mine, and this could be what is dragging me down. So I have decided to turn my thoughts to a cheerier time, that of the upcoming fall. I am not a sweater knitter, but I have thought of trying my hand at the garter stitch blanket of Elizabeth Zimmerman most recently featured on brooklyntweed's blog. Jared and I think so much alike. It's all about classic lines for me, and him too, I think. And I envy his ability to whip out projects in what seems to be mere seconds. How does he do that?

On a smaller scale I have just knit a baby blanket following a lovely little pattern that can be found at Stitches from the Heart. It's a charity with true kindness at its heart. There are so many babies born into this world much too early, and parents totally unprepared--clothing, toys have not been purchased yet and so the little ones enter with nothing, and so many leave early as well. Wouldn't it be lovely for them to have just one thing? Maybe a little blanket like the one I knitted seen here

The rows are eyelets which I entertwined bright white ribbon through. One always has the option of not putting the ribbon in, it might be more functional without it. But the white called out for the ribbon, at least to me. I think it might even make a nice christening blanket. But you can find several baby blanket and hat patterns for knitters and crocheters at the site. All the details are there for you to donate your handiwork.

It is time to recline and let the warm thoughts of a bonfire and hot chocolate permiate my thoughts as I attempt to make it through the heat of summer.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Seeking your Approval, Most Humbly

I have been away for a goodly portion of time and I can only apologize and try so much harder than I have in the past. However, I will show you some of the projects with which I have been most busy.

On WWKINP Day I traveled to one of my favorite LYS, Yarnorama, and oh my, what a good time was had by all. I dyed my very first yarn. It was not simple dye friends, it was Kool-Aid! We took our sock blanks (a lovely blend of merino wool and nylon, for softness) and we soaked them in water and vinegar, dyed them, cooked them and then rinsed them. As many f you know, purple is my favorite color, so of course, I used colors that seemed quite complimentary. I wasn't really sure what I would end up with though. This is what a combination of Grape, Cherry and Lemon got me.

The photos show the lovely purply, red and pink well, but the subtle dots of yellow cannot be seen. What should I knit with this lovely yarn? I cannot seem to settle on a project for it, but I am sure the project will find me.

And now, I've made a new addition to my little fiber family of goodies and here it is:

It is a Schacht Rigid Heddle (Flip) Loom. My friend, and owner of Yarnorama, Susan Fricks, helped me load all the yarn on it and currently what you see on the warp is Tofutsies and the weft is Panda Silk. A most lovely combination of pinks and purples. I will share photos when I have completed it.

For now, I will leave you to your own devices as I make my way back to my loom. Lovely.