Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Think Fall

I do love Spring! The beautiful light, fresh green that you only see at this time of year holds such mystery and it fills me with awe. But it is so fleeting. All of the birds have hatched their young, and as I was looking out the window a few days ago I started thinking about their cycle of life and how fiber could fit into that. So...I pondered Autumn for awhile. The air is filled with a different kind of excitement when the air turns just as brisk as the green that Spring brings. I have watched the birds as they, almost frantically, hunt for just the right size grasses, twigs, dried leaves to create their nests. Voila! A light went off and I thought of all the weaving thrums I have saved...for just such a moment. The hunt was on in my studio for wool and I knit a neat little round ball, felted it, put a balloon inside and blew it up. Then I pulled out my little pieces of fabric and a colorway that appeals to me and began to embellish. Not too much, just a bit.

Then I decided to use a little pictograph so actually drew free hand (believe it or not) a little bird on a piece of felt and I cut it out. Then I did the same with a house and here is what I came from that effort.

What do you think? Will the birds find it attractive? My hope is that they will pull out the little pieces of fabric and felt that I embellished with and use it for their nest inside. I have also collected a few little thrums from this one project and plan to put them inside to get them off to a good start, although they may have something else in mind.