Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I have had problems searching for my items in my online shop so I am just posting this to see if I get anyone to view, and possibly, purchase this item from me personally.  Even if you don't want to purchase these, but did see them on a search you performed, I would so appreciate you sending me a message or post here on my blog.

This is a fabulous set of Czech Glass Buttons that is very unique. These are handmade in the Czech Republic where they are known for their craftsmanship in making these buttons.

They could be the very thing you need for that new knit sweater or a recycled item found at the thrift store. These buttons will turn heads. They are 18mm in size and the lustre is extraordinary. One set of five buttons is $15.00 which includes shipping.  If you want more than five, I have one full extra set.

These are a steal at this price.  Worth so much more!  Thanks so much for looking.

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